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What is SEO?

Good SEO will increase the likelihood of your site appearing on the front page of Google when a user searches for a specific keyword. Over 50% of users will click on websites listed in the top three organic (i.e. non-advertised) positions, so having your website appear in one of these three slots is incredibly important for growing your web presence. Google’s main objective is to offer up search results in the SERP (search engine results page) that most closely match the search query. If you use Google to look for a Milwaukee SEO Company, and all of the results show Google Ads companies, then you might start thinking about using another search engine–Google wouldn’t like that because they make revenue on traffic and Ads. Therefore, they want to be sure that you find what you’re looking for. 

Google (and all search engines) have different criteria factors they weigh out when trying to determine how to rank you against your competition for specific keywords. This visual will help you to understand these ranking factors. There are separate factors for the Google Maps section and also the Organic section below the Maps. Many of their criteria factors for both sections are pretty close; however, some of the differences are significant and require different kinds of strategies for optimization. Once you understand the ranking factors, you can start to put methods in place (SEO) to start meeting these criteria factors better than your competitors. If you do this, you will increase your domain authority and, thus, the likelihood that you will rank better than your competition. 

Brew City Marketing is a Milwaukee web design and digital agency that has been excelling in SEO since 2009. Through trial and error, testing different methodologies, figuring out which Silicon Valley SEO guru to follow on Facebook, and sheer grit, we’ve perfected our approach. It comes down to two core principles: on-page and off-page search engine optimization.

Organic Local Milwaukee SEO by Brew City Marketing

At Brew City Marketing, we follow a proven,
three-pronged strategy:

Our Core SEO Services Strategy Spells Success

The challenging part about SEO services is that there isn’t a set of rules that will guarantee good results every time — the search engines tend to change their scoring methodologies in order to keep the most relevant sites at the top.

That is why we rely on SEO core strategies that are proven to propel your website to the top of the listings:

Keyword Analysis (Local & National)

In order to ensure that your website is ranking for the best keywords, our SEO services team performs extensive keyword research. We aim to find high-volume keywords with reasonable levels of competition. By finding the right keywords and incorporating them into your website and your blog posts, we increase the likelihood that Google will choose your website in response to a user’s search query.

Google Business Profile Optimization (Local)

Google Business Profile (formally known as Google My Business) optimization is becoming the most important ranking factor for local SEO campaigns. Well-optimized GBP listings tend to be featured prominently (slots 1-3) on the map pack, which appears alongside organic results.

Every week, our SEO team updates and optimizes your products and services sections, adds photos, responds to incoming positive reviews, and posts small updates with keywords, category tags, and calls to action that direct to your website. These action items signal to Google that your business is active and trustworthy within your local community, which increases the likelihood that Google will turn to your website in response to a local search query.

Backlinking (Local & National)

Put simply, back-linking is the effort of obtaining a link to your website from a 3rd party website. This is one of the oldest SEO strategies and still a powerful way to increase your keyword rankings. Google crawls every website in their database once a month, on average. When Google crawls a website that relates to your industry (a trusted website with good traffic and high domain authority) and recognizes a link back to your website, in the form of a keyword that you want to rank for, it will increase your website’s authority for that keyword. The more high-quality backlinks we can secure, the better.

Quick note: Over time, you can expect your number of backlinks to increase. That said, as your website’s authority score increases, bots, and spam websites will begin to backlink to your website. In order to maintain your website’s authority score, we will make sure to disavow and eliminate harmful backlinks. So, if you see a dip in backlinks in a given month–that’s okay! The dip will mean that we’ve audited your backlinks and made sure they’re all legitimate.

Citation Accreditation (Local)

Citations are essentially online directories (Bing, Yellowpages, BBB, Yelp, etc.) that list your business’ name, address, and phone number (among other relevant bits of information). Google crawls these listings to accredited local businesses. Ensuring that your citation information is uniform across these directories will indicate to Google that your business is legitimate, increasing the probability that you will rank better for your keywords. Our SEO team manages your citation information on a monthly basis to ensure that each directory displays the same information across all directories.

SEO Audit & Coding Adjustments (Local & National)

Google changes its algorithms often (500-600 times per year). Mostly, these are small changes to the way that they prioritize certain SEO code, as it relates to keyword positioning and ranking. To this point, it’s important to continuously audit your website and adjust to Google’s ranking metrics. As part of our SEO deliverable, we run audits on your website each month using our SEO software, SEMRush. This audit curates a list of new SEO adjustments that can be implemented into your website in order to stay ahead of your competition and keep your website up to date with Google’s algorithms.

Content Development (Local & National)

Over time, Google has placed more importance on the quality, depth, and breadth of information; additionally, Google tends to favor websites that add new, rich content month over month. Ultimately, Google is a question-answering machine; so, to keep your website competitive, we develop a three-month content strategy to ensure your business constantly provides potential users with relevant, timely, and informative content. Our team performs this action in one of two ways: a) expanding service and product pages for your website, or b) developing blog content.

At Brew City Marketing, we stay ahead of the curve and use only the best, white-hat local SEO services.