AM Accounting and Tax Services portfolio project example

AM Accounting Website

  • Partnered to create a new website with a modern design that’s simple and clean
  • Created a highly engaging, user-friendly design for easy navigation
  • Added high-visibility clickable tab to set up meetings or to chat live
  • Highlighted appeal to younger browsers with energetic imagery and aesthetic
  • Integrated client color palette and themes throughout the site

Stix Golf Entertainment

  • Coming soon
stix golf portfolio project example
Brothers interiors portfolio project example

Brothers Interiors & Coakley Brothers Websites

  • Made it a platform for showing off their beautiful new Water Tower
  • Designed like a modern triptych, the branded landing page is a doorway that offers one unified gateway for all of their service
  • Helped them cross-sell their services across sites.
  • To increase usability and engagement, the website also offers multiple points of contact
  • Responsive design for mobile viewing.

Miss Mary’s Mix
E-Commerce Website

  • Updated visual identity for a fresh look and feel while maintaining existing branding
  • Added sections to promote new products (Paloma and Margarita mixes)
  • Updated layout from the former site to emphasize usability
  • Included a variety of site-wide CTAs to encourage user engagement to convert site visitors into sales as well as cross-links to social media platforms to increase social media digital presence
  • Created online shopping for consumers
Miss mary's mix portfolio project example
Bridging Brighter Smiles website example

Bridging Brighter Smiles

  • Updated design to be clean, simple, and easy to read.
  • Initiated design upgrades to make the site more inviting and informative
  • Clarified branding with a pristine color palette and more modern appealing aesthetic
  • Created highly visible button for browsers to more easily Donate
  • Provided on-page SEO to boost Google ranks and stand out in their field

Quest CE Website

  • Partnered to complete a refresh of website
  • Created a clean and simple design to ensure ease of traffic flow.
  • Added form for visitors to easily submit form to schedule demos
  • Highlighted newsletter button to encourage more newsletter subscriptions
  • Clarified navigation for easier and more direct browsing
  • Integrated color palette, logo and themes throughout for eye-catching appeal
Quest CE portfolio project example
Northhaven website portfolio example

North Haven

  • Upgraded interface using WordPress
  • On-page SEO to boost their search rankings and authority, driving more traffic and customers to their website
  • Custom website redesign that reflects the tranquility of their property
  • Created a custom booking feature for customers to make reservations directly from the website