Paid Ads can be the perfect complement to your website’s organic traffic. Find out how the certified Google Ads Partners at Brew City Marketing can help you generate targeted traffic today.

Google Ads Explained

Google Ads, also known as paid search, is pay-per-click advertising offered through Google. The Ads section of the search results appears on the top and bottom of the search page when you go to Google and type in a keyword.  In order to get representation for your business in this section of search results, you need to specify a budget and commit to paying Google on a pay-per-click basis. You select and bid for search terms for your product or service. As long as you have a budget left in your account that is greater than Google’s cost per click, your ad will appear in the Ads section of the search results when people type in the keywords that you are bidding on.

Campaign Set-up & Management

Brew City Marketing’s Google Ads campaigns are built from the ground up in order to drive more relevant traffic to your website and increase conversion actions on your website. All of our campaigns are built around your brand including custom ads based on your services, products, values, culture, and more! Our Google Ads management program include the following:

Initial Setup:

  • Company & Industry Research: Understand your business and the market driving your success by conducting research on your business, industry, and market.
  • Keyword Research & Implementation: Perform keyword research and analysis following best practices and populate your campaigns with relevant, high performing keywords.
  • Campaign Design: Develop a campaign structure based on a combination of your services/products, website structure, and Google standards for successful campaign development.
  • Ad Group Design: Organize your campaigns into related ad groups, ensuring your keywords are organized properly and not competing with one another to make the most of your advertising budget.
  • Ad Creation: Write custom ads that influence users to click through to your website. We also include site link extensions on our ads which take up valuable space on the Google search results page, increasing the likelihood of a user taking action on our ad.
  • Conversion Tracking: Implement all the necessary conversion tracking on your website in order to quantify the results of the campaigns, giving us a clear understanding of the performance and where we can improve. We have the ability to track the most important key performance indicators of your campaigns – from contact form submissions to phone calls.

Monthly Management:

  • Monitor Campaign Performance: Review the account multiple times per month to make sure everything is optimized.
  • Audit Conversion Tracking: Review our conversion tracking method and cross-reference the results with Google Analytics.
  • Make Adgroup Improvements: Add new keywords across all ad groups while eliminating poor performing keywords at the same time. Also, add new negative keywords based off of recent search queries to filter out irrelevant traffic and wasted clicks.
  • Refresh Ads: Eliminate the lowest performing ads in each ad group and test new ads in their place with improved ad copy.
  • Reporting on Results: Send a simple monthly report with the results of the Adwords campaign. A more detailed report will be sent quarterly.
A tablet open on Google's homescreen

Benefits of Google Ads

A Google ad campaign is a great large and small business marketing tool because it positions them right at the top of the search page. This is especially advantageous for new websites as they need to acquire fresh data and SERP recognition quickly. Our Google ads management service keeps most of the control in your hands, but we contribute our industry expertise to make sure that everything is set up correctly, monitored, and modified as needed so you can get the best results from your campaign. Here are some specific benefits you gain by having us manage Google ads for you.

The Ability to Target Potential Customers

Most people use Google to look up businesses when they need a service or product. When set up correctly, your Google ad will be displayed in front of your preferred customer base when they are specifically looking for something that you offer. The trick is to bid on the right keywords for your industry so you can get in front of those people right when they require your services.

A Direct Focus on Local & Niche Markets

It’s no surprise that, if a customer wants to visit a store, they’re looking to go somewhere nearby. Local Google ads campaigns target the people that are close to you. This is why it’s so important to have a Google Business Profile, and why we also offer Google My Business management services. When correctly optimized, these Google Tools will not only garner the attention of local and niche markets, but they will also make it easier for them to find, call, and convert with you. 

Flexible Pricing

Google ads pricing allows you to set key parameters so you can control your spending. The ads themselves work on cost-per-click basis so you only will be paying us for our monthly service fee and when someone clicks on the ad. You are able to choose the most you are willing to pay for each click and designate an average daily budget for your Google campaign. 

Quick Results

99% of the time, when we set up an ad campaign for our clients, they quickly start receiving more phone calls.  This is why so many people see this as a quicker solution than SEO, because the results are often instantaneous whereas SEO optimizations can take anywhere from 3-6 months to take effect. That’s not to say that Google ads are always a great replacement for SEO. Each method has its own benefits depending on your competition, target audience, and the current performance of your website.

Why Use a Milwaukee Google Ads Agency

When you work with a marketing agency that has extensive experience with Google ads, they will be able to make the most effective tacts to point your campaign. Managing Google ads requires familiarity with CPC ranges, typical conversion rates, and the most popular conversion offers per industry. An agency will also often offer the ability to try new methods that your competition hasn’t caught wind of yet. 

Our Milwaukee Google ads agency is also multi-disciplined. This allows us to provide clients with additional solutions that will boost the performance of the campaign when it’s not doing enough on its own. There are also additional items that should be set up along with your campaign to complete the customer’s journey. For example, a landing page, CRO plan, and email nurture will make it easy for customers to complete a sale and it is more probable that you will keep them engaged. This is why it’s so beneficial to work with a company that has expertise in all things digital marketing, not just ads.

Campaign Pricing

We’ve designed our Pay-Per-Click advertising pricing to be simple to understand for all. We use a tier system of payment that increases with your total ad spend amount as well as a flat setup fee to get your campaigns off to an efficient start.

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