Custom video production or drone aerial coverage of your business can add a lot of WOW factor to your website.

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Milwaukee Video Production Services

While this number may sound aggressive, it actually makes a lot of sense when you stop to consider the content you interact with on a daily basis. Think about it: have you watched a YouTube video lately? Nearly 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. And what about your Facebook newsfeed? From cooking demos to cat videos, chances are it won’t take you long to find a video. Facebook generates 8 billion video views on average per day.

Video is a powerful force when used on social media because it increases engagement and drives visitors to your website. Once on your website, you can increase conversions using videos of your location, staff, testimonials, products, or services. In summary, video attracts more prospects, generates leads, and lands new clients. Contact us today to learn more about our Milwaukee video production services!

Did You Know… ?

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017 (Cisco). In fact, as of January 2018, 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices (Statista, 2018)

Video Production Examples

J.H. Hassinger