It’s no easy task creating a professional website. But, with so much work that goes into its creation, mistakes are bound to happen.

Website Proofing & Error Checking Service

A broken link or a single grammatical error can tank your website in search engine rankings. In fact, if someone alters a single letter on the backend of your website, you might end up with hundreds of broken links that lead to your website. Make sure you catch these errors before others notice them with Brew City Marketing’s Website Proofing Services. We will provide comprehensive data for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing your website. 

Why is a Website Error Checker Important?

We understand how important your website is to your business. It’s one of the first things a client associates with your company’s image. And we all know how important first impressions are! Fortunately, a website error checker can identify performance issues to make sure that your end users aren’t affected.

Countless studies have shown that on-page errors can have a negative impact on how visitors perceive your website. You don’t want to miss out on potential customers and revenue because of one tiny error. In fact:

  • 85% of users are more likely to leave when they see errors on your website.
  • 59% of users do not trust a website with obvious spelling or grammatical errors.
  • 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience
  • Online businesses lose millions of dollars each year due to spelling and grammar mistakes.

We Can Conduct a Full Audit of Your Entire Website

If you suspect that there might be an error on your website, turn to the professionals at Brew City Marketing. Our developers use state-of-the-art software to scan every page of your website. We will catch any and all spelling errors, grammatical errors, and broken links before anyone else does. After we scan your website, we will provide you with a report of every single error found on your website. From there, you can either ask us to correct the on-page and backend errors for you. Or, if you’re feeling especially tech-savvy, you can take a crack at it yourself. Either way, there is no downside here. You will benefit from a clean website with zero errors, and you can rest assured that your website will continue to grow and rank on Google searches.

Brew City Offers Website Error Checker Services

We want to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is a success. Now that you have a fuller understanding of what this service entails, you probably want to get the ball rolling. We want to make sure that your digital marketing campaign is a success, and that starts with making sure your website is as healthy as it can be. Don’t wait to start with your website proofing and error checking!

We are confident that our team of marketing experts can turn your website around and make sure that it is (and stays) competitive. If you’re looking to schedule an audit with our website error checker, call us at 414-208-0700 or fill out our contact form today.