A backlink is an ‘inbound’ or ‘incoming’ link that links from one website to another. In other words, if someone else places a link on their website that allows for the reader to travel to yours, you have a backlink from them. There are multiple backlinking strategies we infuse into our SEO services! Keep reading to learn more about backlinking, why it is good for SEO, and how Brew City Marketing uses it to boost your website’s traffic which will automatically result in more customers for your business.

How is Backlinking Good for SEO?

If you’re just getting familiar with search engine optimization it may not be immediately obvious how backlinking is good for SEO. Don’t worry, it’s pretty straightforward! The whole purpose of SEO services is to bring more traffic to your website with on-site and off-site manipulations. There are multiple tactics you can use to get Google’s attention and rise to the top of page one, and this is one of them. The more of those tactics you use on a regular basis, the better your site will perform. That’s it, baby.

How are Backlinks Earned?

Backlinks can be earned in three different ways:

Natural Links.

This is a link that is created without any action being taken by the website owner or digital manager. The best way to earn yourself one or many of these is by consistently producing high-quality content that others would deem shareworthy.

Self-Created Links.

When a website owner or manager manually adds a backlink into a chat room, blog comment, or online directory, this will function as a ‘self-created’ backlink to their website. While this may appear to be an easy way to get your links out there, proceed with caution. This can easily fall under the category of ‘black hat SEO’ which can inadvertently tank your website’s performance.

Manual Links.

These are most often achieved by guest blogging for another’s website and integrating links to your own website within the copy. A digital marketing agency (like us) also has its own set of tools that help attract the attention of another company that may be inclined to utilize your link and choose to add it manually.

What Makes Backlinking Really Effective?

Though backlinking can serve as a dependable pathway to your website, not all links are as effective as others. Depending on their location and the source who has chosen to use your link, they can serve as a major reputation boost or a thorn in your side. Some crucial influencers on backlink value include:

Anchor Text.

These are the visible words that are displayed on top of the hyperlink within the content. They are often underlined and/or a different color than the rest of the copy on the page. If the anchor text is created with the right SEO awareness and intentions it can attract a considerable amount of attention from Google.

Website Location.

Your backlink should be placed on a page that is likely to garner a lot of traffic. If it’s embedded on a page that no one is interested in, what would be the point? Expertly researched SEO uncovers the most valuable pages to land your links on so your backlinking efforts and time aren’t wasted.

Link Relevancy.

The backlink should be hyperlinked to copy that is relevant to what you’re aiming to gain attention for. Google will be able to tell if you are linking to content that has little to nothing to do with your page.

Total Links on the Page.

If your backlink is the only one or one of three within a portion of content it will perform much better than one that’s buried amongst hundreds. You want the link to stand out so the reader is more likely to give it a click.

Domain Authority.

Backlinks that come from linking domains that have high authority usually perform better than those coming from low-performance or spam-filled domains.

We Help Build Your Domain Authority

Domain authority refers to the collection of URLs and links that make up your website. The more traffic that a website receives, the more domain authority it will acquire. If your homepage gets backlinks from a popular news website, this will boost the authority of that page. If you have internal links embedded into the content on your homepage, those links will also get a boost. With powerful domain authority acquired by internal linking practices, your website will quickly and continue to climb the ranks.

Our competitive backlinking research allows us to determine the best locations for your backlinks to help build your domain authority. Whether you are looking to rank locally or nationally for your services, we have the tools and industry expertise that allow us to plug your links in the most effective areas. We not only specialize in Milwaukee backlinking and SEO, our capabilities stretch beyond the local limits, helping national businesses engage their customer base and boost sales as well.

Which of Our Packages Include Backlinking?

Depending on your goals and target audience, we will help you determine the set of SEO services that will be the most effective for your business. Our packages are separated into different solutions that range from small businesses looking for a little more attention, to those ready to make the investment that results in serious growth. Contact us today to learn more!