There are a lot of misconceptions about keywords. Without researched knowledge of what they are, their purpose, and how they perform on websites, business owners tend to believe they have a good grasp of what keywords need to be on their website. However, keywords and their placement are specific to digital and competitor trends that can only be uncovered through expertly performed keyword analysis and research.

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The way that keywords perform against search engines jumps around not unlike Milwaukee weather in spring. That’s why, when you sign up for one of our SEO packages, we perform keyword research for your website on a monthly basis to ensure that we are pivoting with our strategy as necessary. Additionally, for our SEO packages level 2 and up, we will send you reports detailing our keyword analysis for the month, how we implemented it, and how those keywords are performing. 

Ok, but what’s the point of keyword analysis and implementation, in general? 

The Benefits of Keyword Analysis & Research

Keywords are required for good SEO because they draw the attention of search engines and communicate what your specific page is about. After performing keyword analysis on your website, Brew City Marketing uses on-page and off-page SEO techniques to intricately place those keywords within your content to create as many signals as possible. The intention here is to:

Attract Your Target Audience

Search engine optimization efforts are executed in order to gain the attention of your customers online. Keyword analysis identifies what it is that your specific target audience is typing into search engines. By placing those keywords into the content on your site, your website will come up when your customers search for you as a good place to find what they’re seeking.

Increase Conversion Rates

Not only will the content attract website visitors, but it will also attract qualified traffic. The more meaningful the content is to your audience, the higher your conversion rates will be. Carefully crafted content makes it easy for your audience to find and understand the answers or solutions you’re providing to their questions. This will persuade them to trust you as a service provider. In other words, keyword analysis and implementation paired with SEO-intentional content creation is the key to attracting people to your site and converting them from ‘visitors’ to ‘customers’. 

Provide Insights on Marketing Trends

When performing keyword analysis we are able to collect valuable insights into current marketing trends and consumer behavior. This allows us to identify what topics your target audience is most interested in right now. We then take that information and ensure content is being created that focuses on those topics, carefully integrating the keywords that will gain attention for the particular subject of focus.

Ensure Content Efforts Aren’t Being Wasted

You can spend loads of time creating awesome content full of information that your customers would value. However, without search engine optimization, your content will not rank and people will not read it. Make sure your time isn’t being wasted by having your content optimized by a team that knows how to give it the boost it needs!

Place Keywords in the Right Spot

Keyword identification is only one part of the keyword analysis game. Once we have the list of powerfully performing words that are relevant to your industry we make sure they are placed in all of the right places. Each of your web pages should have a high performing, unique keyword placed in the title, alt text, URL, and anchor text to improve your site’s crawlability in search engines.

The Different Types of Keywords

Keywords come in the form of industry-specific words or phrases. Their performance is based on a set of contributing factors that have to do with their placement and what they are aiming to rank for. For example, if you are using a geographically modifying keyword such as ‘Milwaukee’, it’s important that you aren’t including other geo-modifiers that could conflict with how it’s intended to perform, detracting from those searching for service providers specifically in Milwaukee.

Short Tail Keywords

Often referred to as ‘head terms’, short tail keywords are made of one word. These will help you reach a wider audience because they are less specific to an action. So, short tail keywords may bring a lot of visitors to your site, but won’t necessarily increase conversion rates.

Long Tail Keywords

These keywords are phrases usually consisting of more than three words. Though they won’t necessarily garner as much traffic as short tail keywords, they will bring more visitors that are ready to take action. This is why, more often than not, the keywords we use in your content are long tail.

What We Do with Them

On-page and off-page search engine optimization efforts allow us to effectively place keywords and increase your domain authority. Over time, we will continue to create and place content in specific places to ensure that your website is optimized and additional efforts are keeping those optimizations as relevant as possible. Areas we focus on include:

  • Service Pages. Your website should have a page for each service and product you provide so it will rank for the keywords associated with them.
  • Blogs. Consistent, regularly posted content with high-performing keywords within your specific industry will keep your domain authority high, making you more attractive to search engines.
  • Google My Business. If you want to rank locally for the services you provide, a well-optimized, actively managed Google My Business is key.

As you can see, keyword analysis is just one piece of the puzzle. Our packages are separated into different solutions that range from small businesses looking for a little more attention to those ready to make the investment that results in serious growth. Contact us today to learn more!