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One Thing You Must Know About Your Customers

If you’re like most successful business owners, you probably have access to plenty of demographic data about your customers that can help you sell more products and services, and much of it is useful. But when it comes to structuring your website and landing pages, there is one thing you absolutely must know: how long buyers take to make a decision. Specifically, you need to know whether the product or service you sell is a low-involvement purchase (like an inexpensive dinner) or a high-involvement purchase [...]

Can Creativity Hurt Your Web Design?

Generally speaking, creativity is a great thing when it comes to any part of the design and advertising process. But can too much creative thinking actually hurt your website? In some cases, it can. That’s because if you go too far outside of the box, you can hurt your site’s usability. Consider the way customers feel when they come across unusual navigation menus, confusing messaging, or images that aren’t closely tied to your business or industry. Each of these can make your website more unique, [...]

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Your Website Is an Investment, Not an Expense

When we first launched Brew City Marketing, we were surprised by how often we heard business owners explain that they understood that having a website was just another “cost of doing business.” As web designers who live and breathe internet marketing, we couldn’t understand how these successful entrepreneurs didn’t see their business websites for what they were: investments, not expenses. How could these otherwise smart, business-savvy folks not see all of the bottom-line boosting benefits that having a good website would bring? We just couldn’t [...]

We Now Offer E-commerce Design Services!

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Bigcommerce, an ecommerce platform that will allow us to create killer e-stores for our clients! We know that setting up a good e-commerce website takes a lot of experience and hard work, and up until recently, it was simply out of reach for a lot of smaller business who were long on talent and gumption but short on marketing dollars. Our new partnership changes that. Building on Bigcommerce’s well-tested and uber-functional e-store platform, we can now give [...]

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Add Mobile Payments to Your Website

According to this Business Insider article, in the first quarter of 2014 alone, 198 million U.S. consumers bought something online. A few years ago, those numbers might have seemed like hype, but now we know: online shopping is big business. Whether it’s for goods, services or something else, folks are ready and willing to use the internet to get their shopping done, and they’re doing it every day. What does that mean for local businesses? Well, as more consumers get comfortable using mobile devices to [...]

Where Could a New Website Take You?

After 5 years with their old site, Paper Transport knew that it was time for a change. They also knew that they needed a solid design team to give them a clean, easy-to-use website that was just as usable for customers as it was for potential employees. That's where our Milwaukee web designers came in: With a brand new look and smart, responsive design, Paper Transport's new business website looks amazing, is a breeze to navigate, and incorporates an easy online application process for job-seeking [...]

You’re Not Going to Believe How Effective Mobile Websites Are

How crazy is this: Over 57% of all Americans go online using their mobile phones. And, when they do, 73% of their searches result in some sort of action — like contacting a business, signing up for a newsletter, or making a call.   We knew mobile websites were important but those numbers even surprised us! For more information about our Milwaukee mobile marketing services, give us a call or fill out our contact form today.

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Brookfield Web Design Client Spotlight

When Brew City Marketing first started in February 2009, we had lots of drive but only a few projects in our portfolio. 4 years and 200 clients later, we're EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR EVERYONE that took a chance with us. We'd like to highlight one of our first AND favorite clients, P.L. Freeman Co., headquartered in Brookfield. Here's our story:

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Looking for a Brookfield web design company?

Looking for a Brookfield web design company? Look no further! Brew City Marketing is close! Our office is located at 9205 W Center Street (92nd and Center) - just 5 minutes from Mayfair Mall. We're definitely worth checking out; we've designed over 200 websites that produce RESULTS for clients in the Brookfield and Milwaukee area. Ultimately an effective web site improves returns on all other marketing activities and should be well integrated with these efforts. To ensure your website has the basics covered, we'll help [...]

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