Looking for a Brookfield web design company? Look no further! Brew City Marketing is close! Our office is located at 9205 W Center Street (92nd and Center) – just 5 minutes from Mayfair Mall. We’re definitely worth checking out; we’ve designed over 200 websites that produce RESULTS for clients in the Brookfield and Milwaukee area.

Ultimately an effective web site improves returns on all other marketing activities and should be well integrated with these efforts. To ensure your website has the basics covered, we’ll help you answer these questions:

1. Is your site simple to understand and easy to navigate?
2. Does it load quickly?
3. Is it relevant and focused on customer information?
4. Does it provide customers with an easy way to contact you?

Your website is up 24/7 and it represents you to your customers and prospects when it is convenient for them – when they look up your company the week after a trade show, find your business card in their wallet or hear about you through a referral. Therefore, your web site should be a simple, high-quality manifestation of your company, always working on your behalf, providing clients with information and making sales.

Your website conveys the essence of your company. For instance, if you have a product-based business selling merchandise online, your site is every bit as important as your physical store, and requires the same level of care an attention. If you have a service company, then your site becomes an extension of your sales force, and should communicate the same standards of excellence that you’d deliver in person.

Brew City Marketing will create a website that attracts and retains your customers’ attention and guide visitors through their decision-making process.

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