If you’re like most successful business owners, you probably have access to plenty of demographic data about your customers that can help you sell more products and services, and much of it is useful. But when it comes to structuring your website and landing pages, there is one thing you absolutely must know: how long buyers take to make a decision.

Specifically, you need to know whether the product or service you sell is a low-involvement purchase (like an inexpensive dinner) or a high-involvement purchase (like an automobile or home). That might seem like a minor detail, but it affects many different aspects of your layout, content, and conversion goals. For instance:

If customers take a while to decide, you need to sell your prospects in steps. For these types of purchases, you should offer information, advice, and subscriptions that pull prospects along while they learn more and make up their minds. It takes prospects time to make a purchasing decision because they feel like they have a lot to lose if they make the wrong choice. For these purchasers, trying to make instant conversions on your website is a losing strategy.

If customers decide quickly, you can be aggressive. For these types of purchases, it makes sense to be aggressive because prospects don’t feel like they have a lot to lose, so they’re more willing to make snap decisions and impulse purchases. For these purchasers, using “buy now” buttons or similar calls to action have a high probability of working.

Without the right context, it’s difficult to know what kind of approach you should take to convert website visitors into leads and customers. So, before you map out your online strategy, make sure you understand the buying process from their end.

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