We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Bigcommerce, an ecommerce platform that will allow us to create killer e-stores for our clients!

We know that setting up a good e-commerce website takes a lot of experience and hard work, and up until recently, it was simply out of reach for a lot of smaller business who were long on talent and gumption but short on marketing dollars. Our new partnership changes that. Building on Bigcommerce’s well-tested and uber-functional e-store platform, we can now give our clients gorgeous online stores that are:

  • built for better search results and conversion rates
  • optimized for mobile viewing
  • streamlined for easy check out and flexible product management
  • chock full of meaningful analytics
  • backed by 24/7 support

As part of this new service offering, our design and marketing team will handle all of the web design, e-store setup, and on-site SEO. After that, clients will have total control of a fully functional e-commerce website that has must-have, built-in functionality, including:

  • secure shopping cart & payment gateway (including PCI compliance)
  • an online catalog
  • a custom domain & email account
  • marketing tools and analytic reporting
  • mobile optimization
  • 24/7 customer support

If you already have an e-store that doesn’t look or perform as well as you know it could, or if you’re a new business with 10 or more products that is ready to make the big leap to selling online, this new service is just what you need. It will give you a fully functional, fully supported, easy-to-use website that you can use to grow your business online.

To learn more about our new Milwaukee e-commerce design services, call us at 414-208-0700 or fill out our contact form today—we’re eager to help you market your products to the world!


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