Generally speaking, creativity is a great thing when it comes to any part of the design and advertising process. But can too much creative thinking actually hurt your website?

In some cases, it can. That’s because if you go too far outside of the box, you can hurt your site’s usability. Consider the way customers feel when they come across unusual navigation menus, confusing messaging, or images that aren’t closely tied to your business or industry. Each of these can make your website more unique, but they can also make your website frustrating to use, which can ultimately hurt your sales and credibility.

Usually, when web design clients ask for something that’s really offbeat or inventive, it’s because they want to make an interesting first impression with customers. Sometimes, these gambits succeed and help a site stand out from everyone else in a crowded market. But, it’s important to remember that first impressions, as important as they are, have a short shelf life. Over time, clarity and usability count far more than shock value.

Creativity is a great thing in web design, but you don’t want to be so unusual that you actually harm sales, frustrate website visitors, or damage your professional credibility.

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