February_Blog1 v2When we first launched Brew City Marketing, we were surprised by how often we heard business owners explain that they understood that having a website was just another “cost of doing business.”

As web designers who live and breathe internet marketing, we couldn’t understand how these successful entrepreneurs didn’t see their business websites for what they were: investments, not expenses. How could these otherwise smart, business-savvy folks not see all of the bottom-line boosting benefits that having a good website would bring? We just couldn’t get it!

And then, it dawned on us: Maybe the problem wasn’t that these business owners didn’t understand how their websites could help their businesses grow. They could see the possibilities, no problem. Maybe it was just that they didn’t have line of sight to the metrics-based proof they needed to know that investing in a new website would be worth it.

With that in mind, we started looking for real numbers to prove what we already knew: Investing in a good website typically translates into a solid return on investment. Not only did the data we found back up our story, they told it even better than we could have.

Just look at some of the numbers we found:

These aren’t just fuzzy, “feel good” benefits. These are real, revenue-affecting numbers that can make the difference between making a profit and going broke. And these numbers don’t even capture all of the intangible, soft benefits that having a good website can produce, such as increasing customer satisfaction, increasing brand awareness, and providing a 24/7 storefront that’s always available to your customers.

Regardless of what business you’re in, whether you sell to businesses or directly to consumers, having a good website that serves as an informational marketing hub for your business is just good business. It can help you find new leads, nurture the leads you already have, and keep in contact with those you’ve already serviced.

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