Thanks for reading the final post in our Brew City Marketing original blog series Why WordPress. From the ability to have multiple users to 100% customizable design, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about what makes WordPress an exceptional CMS. Miss a post in the series? Head to our blog to catch up.

WordPress is an Open Source Project

WordPress doesn’t belong to any one person or company. Instead, the platform is an “open source” project that’s constantly being maintained, tested, and improved by hundreds of developers around the world. Licensed under the GNU General Public License, WordPress is free for anyone to build as many different types of websites as they wish.

The Benefits of Open Source

But wait: what’s so great about open source? Unlike some proprietary content management systems on the market, the open source aspect of WordPress allows users many invaluable freedoms and benefits. Need some examples? Here are just a few.

  • It won’t lock you in – Unlike a proprietary CMS, WordPress offers you a ton of flexibility…especially when you want to make a drastic change in design, content or even hosting. This is tough and sometimes near impossible to do with a proprietary CMS.
  • It’s constantly being updated – One awesome aspect of WordPress being open source is that it’s constantly being updated and improved by the community. Because so many people are working on it at a given time, bugs and security issues are addressed quickly. With a proprietary CMS, you’re at the mercy of the company or individual to update the system should things go wrong.
  • It’s safe and secure – Like most open source platforms, WordPress is incredibly secure. Security is bolstered by the hundreds of WordPress volunteers around the globe who are constantly working to solve known security issues and mitigate others.
  • It’s on a long list of open source success stories – Still not sure of the viability of WordPress? Consider other open sources success stories like Firefox, Wikipedia, OpenOffice, Android and more. These companies are juggernauts in information technology and are used by millions around the globe.

Open source means users are afforded a measure of flexibility, freedom and security that’s unmatched by proprietary software solutions. On this and more, WordPress delivers.

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