The popularity of podcasts made a huge jump in the early 2000s when Apple decided to add podcasts to iTunes. As more and more people listened and engaged, more companies began to expand into this new market. Today, the iTunes library currently holds more than 700,000 different podcasts and over 29 million total episodes.

Why are podcasts so widely listened to? There are a lot of reasons. Just the sheer size of the iTunes catalog shows that almost anyone can find a podcast that interests them. Let’s get into a few of the reasons that people love podcasts so much lately.

1. Podcasts Are Easily Accessible

No matter where you are, what time it is, or what you’re doing, if you have your phone, then you can tune into your favorite podcast. It’s the same reason streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video are beating out broadcast TV and cable. If you aren’t in your living room when your show airs, then you’ll miss it. In a time when we want exactly what we want, right when we want it, podcasts are hard to ignore.

2. Podcasts Allow You to Multitask

Reading print and watching video have their respective places in the spectrum of mediums. Podcasting takes over when it comes to how easy it is to consume them. You can listen to a podcast while doing almost anything. Most people enjoy them while working out or driving. Instead of listening to music, they turn on a podcast to either entertain or educate themselves, while exercising or commuting to work. Of course, music has its entertainment and health benefits<, but sometimes you just want to feed your brain a different way.

3. Podcasts Are FREE, FREE, FREE!

Who doesn’t love free things? You can learn important things from industry experts or university professors without the cost of consultation or tuition fees. Other than the Milwaukee Public Library, there isn’t really another place you can find that kind of value. The Internet has allowed us to share knowledge and experience on an unbelievable scale, and podcasts are just another niche of that world. You should always do your research first before trusting what someone says in a podcast. Never take advice from someone with no education or experience, or you may end up world behind where you started.

We Listened. Now, You Can Too!

Friends of Brew City Marketing had been asking us if we had any recommendations for podcasts about digital marketing. We could think of no better way to answer their questions than to make one for them ourselves!

If you’re looking for a podcast that tells you exactly how to write your webpages, look no further. We turned our Website Content Workbook into a podcast! And there’s no need to worry about whether we know what we’re talking about … we do. We’ve built hundreds of websites and written thousands of webpages over the past ten years. And now all this knowledge is available completely free, for your eager ears, right now!

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