Project Description

Elastizell of Wisconsin, a prominent player in the concrete industry, specializes in providing lightweight concrete solutions for various applications. As a branch of a larger corporation that encompasses three distinct entities, Elastizell of Wisconsin sought to establish its unique presence within the region. Recognizing the importance of a dedicated online platform to showcase their specialized services and recent projects, they aimed to create a new website that would serve as a comprehensive resource for their clients and prospects in Wisconsin.

Turning to Brew City Marketing, Elastizell of Wisconsin expressed their need for a modern, user-friendly website that communicates their expertise and services. They emphasized the desire for a clean and straightforward design, avoiding unnecessary complexity that could detract from the user experience. Additionally, the importance of featuring a hero image from a recent worksite was highlighted to demonstrate their capabilities and the breadth of their services visually.

Our Solutions

  • Developed a brand-new website with a landing page, marking Elastizell of Wisconsin’s independent online presence separate from the corporate site.
  • Ensured a modern design emphasizing user-friendliness, incorporating a minimalist aesthetic to facilitate easy navigation.
  • Integrated a hero image from a recent worksite project, effectively showcasing Elastizell’s three core services in a compelling visual format.
  • Planned for future website expansion, laying the groundwork for further adding detailed information and features to enhance the site’s functionality and content depth.
  • Implemented ongoing SEO strategies to improve the site’s visibility in search rankings.
  • Improved the website through ongoing content updates, keeping the site current and captivating for users.