Project Description

Welhouse Construction Services, LLC has been providing remodeling and building services to home and business owners in Appleton since the early 1900s. Today, they operate as a full-service firm offering professional design, remodeling, and building services.

Brew City Marketing was able to help Welhouse Construction reach even more customers in the Northeast Wisconsin area by revamping their website. Before coming to us, the four-generation family business was still using an outdated website with designs and colors that called for some remodeling! Welhouse Construction’s primary objective was to update the site while retaining all the details of their company’s historic charm.

Our Solutions

  • Revamped the overall website design. 
  • Used darker colors throughout the website to improve visual appeal. 
  • Provide an easier way to view all of the company projects. 
  • Showcased the owner’s awards and affiliations by repositioning tabs. 
  • Add a community page featuring a video of the owner explaining his work. 
  • Retained and further showcased historic blueprints from the old website. These were from the current owner’s grandfather and support the owner’s desire to honor the company’s heritage.