Project Description

Safe Food Resources is a food safety training and consulting firm, working with companies to help them improve their food safety standards.

Before Safe Food Resources had decided on a change for their web presence, their older website combined two companies into one. As the company continued through the process of developing a new site, it became apparent that separating the two companies into two respective sites was a must. As a result, we split the project in two (the second website is currently in development by Brew City Marketing as well). So, with their first site, the company knew they wanted a clean, professional and trustworthy look and feel to their reworked design.

Our Solutions

  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Custom Graphics
  • Brand Positioning


  • Average time spent on site: 98% longer than industry standard 
  • Average # of pages visited per session: 38% more than industry standard 
  • Exit rate: 31% lower than industry standard