Project Description

Milwaukee is regarded as one of the top charter fishing ports on the western side of Lake Michigan. Reel Sensation Charter Fishing in Milwaukee Wisconsin offers clients a world-class salmon and trout fishing experience. Reel Sensation partnered with us to create a new website that would help solidify their spot as one of the top charter fishing companies in the area. With a new look and feel, modern side navigation, and improved SEO, we helped bring Reel Sensation Charters’ website to the “top”.

Our Solutions

  • Modern side navigation that gives the website a unique and instantly distinguishable feel, setting it apart from others in the charter fishing industry
  • A logo refresh that not only “pops”, but also captures the complete essence of Reel Sensation
  • A new look and feel boasting a modern and thoughtful design
  • On page SEO to increase search engine rank, traffic, and conversions