Project Description

RT Property Services in Milwaukee stands as a premier property maintenance company dedicated to aiding local Realtors and investment firms in swiftly readying their properties for the market. Their expertise encompasses a broad range of full-service property maintenance solutions, rooted firmly in three foundational principles that have consistently steered them towards success. Operating primarily within the City of Milwaukee, their clientele mainly consists of realtors and individual property owners. Their core offerings range from landscaping to debris removal, establishing them as a versatile and indispensable entity in property maintenance.

As they recognized the evolving digital landscape for small businesses, RT Property Services approached Brew City Marketing. Their motivations were clear: They sought to showcase their various services on a sophisticated platform, attract a greater volume of potential clients, enhance their brand’s credibility, and most importantly, to make a notable appearance on Google search results.

Our Solutions

In response to RT Property Services’ requirements, we crafted a comprehensive digital strategy, which included:

  • Web Design & Development: Crafting a modern, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing website that clearly represented the brand and its values.
  • WP Hosting: Offering a reliable and speedy hosting service, ensuring the website remains accessible and performs optimally at all times.
  • On-page SEO: Implementing on-page search engine optimization techniques to enhance the website’s visibility on search engines, which greatly increases potential clients’ ability to discover RT Property Services.
  • Emphasized the following services:
    • Landscaping Services: Highlighting their expertise in crafting beautiful outdoor spaces and maintaining them.
    • Snow/Ice Management: Showcasing their capability to manage and clear snow and ice, ensuring properties remain safe and accessible during winter.
    • Junk Removal: Emphasizing their proficiency in swiftly and efficiently removing unwanted junk from properties.
    • Foreclosed Clean-outs: Detailing their specialized services in cleaning out and maintaining properties that have been foreclosed, preparing them for resale or occupation.


Our Solutions 

  • Designed a fresh layout while transitioning to a WordPress platform.
  • Retained critical content from the old website with minor facelifts.
  • Preserved the hidden Tool Kit page and the nested accordion features.
  • Implemented a search function for the Resources and Bite-Sized PD tabs.
  • Ensured the website displays contact info for other regional centers.
  • Highlighted upcoming significant dates.
  • Organized important resources and archived information.
  • Maintained a private portal for the Board Toolkit and Written TA materials, ensuring they remained password-protected and not accessible to the public.