Project Description

Magnusson Sussex Dentistry offers superior dental care with a goal to provide the very best dental care to every patient—in the most supportive and nurturing way possible. Their friendly atmosphere and professional staff helps their patients feel welcome as they receive the highest standard of dental care. Wanting to extend this idea of a friendly and professional space, Magnusson enlisted Brew City’s help with their website redesign. They now have a bright and user-friendly site that matches the welcoming environment they provide to all their patients.

Our Solutions

  • On-page SEO to boost their search rankings and authority, driving more traffic and customers to their website.
  • Custom website redesign resulting in a visually bright and friendly extension of their business.
  • Branded and designed their logo integrated into their custom web design.
  • User-friendly interface to match the welcoming environment of their business.


  • Only four months after launch, over 679 new users have accessed the website.
  • The average pages visited per session is over three meaning patients are finding the information they are looking for.