Project Description

Since 1996, Interstate Sawing & Demolition has been a Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha leader in concrete cutting/sawing, robotic demolition, confined space demolition and excavating. Interstate Sawing & Demolition’s experience in concrete renovation and removal delivers fully equipped and complete workshops to each client’s location with safe and reliable service.
Our shared goal was to improve sales and web traffic while cleaning up website aesthetics and organization. First, we provided WordPress hosting and on-page SEO to give more user control and improve website rankings in Google and other search engines. Next, we reorganized the page/site navigation in order to draw attention to the most vital parts of Interstate Sawing & Demolition’s business. Then, we supplied a more modern look and appeal to the website. Finally, we added a video gallery for the client to showcase their best work.

Our Solutions

  • Upgraded web design and development for overall performance and aesthetics
  • ​Restructured web pages/site navigation to more easily direct visitors to key points
  • ​Supplied WordPress hosting for better user control and update power
  • ​Added on-page SEO to help the site rank better on search engines
  • ​Provided video gallery to showcase the client’s successful operations