Is Your Online Home Sitting Atop a Solid Foundation?

The answer might surprise you.

Many business owners pay close attention to the details of web design and Internet marketing, but treat web hosting like an afterthought. However, having your pages stored on the right servers can improve performance and security at a very low cost. Choose the wrong hosting platform to save a few dollars, on the other hand, and your business could suffer in several different ways.

Brew City Marketing offers fully-managed WordPress web hosting that’s fast, secure, and backed by dedicated high-performance servers. It’s the ultimate way to get more from your WordPress website. Best of all, it won’t break the budget and we’ll handle all the details.

If you’re wondering whether Managed WordPress Hosting is right for you,
here’s what you need to know.

Dedicated Hosting Means Faster, More Reliable Performance

Taking advantage of our dedicated servers means your business isn’t sharing disk space with hundreds of other companies, many of which might be susceptible to spam, viruses, or other issues that can affect your own website. Plus, we use the industry’s best technology, including a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and a server cache. That means your website loads quickly and reliably, every single time.

Customers and search engine spiders like websites that are fast and always available. Why miss out on valuable traffic because of a server that’s too slow or crowded?

Slow websites frustrate users and push them right where you don’t want them to be: into the waiting arms of your competitors. Online, speed is everything. Not only do visitors abandon slow websites, Google even penalizes websites that take too long to load. As part of our ongoing performance ops, we’ll regularly monitor your website’s performance to keep it running clean and lean.

Your WordPress Site Is More Secure on Our Servers

As the world’s most popular content management platform, WordPress tends to be very stable and secure. However, hackers and thieves are always looking for new security exploits, which is why the underlying software needs to be continuously updated. When you opt for Managed WordPress Hosting through Brew City Marketing, we ensure WordPress is always up-to-date.

Your website’s visitors care about internet security just as much as you do, which is why all it takes is one software virus or malware infection to permanently ruin any chance you have with them. Our support team can help keep your business site free of malicious software that can ruin its presence and performance. We monitor your website to ensure there hasn’t been any unauthorized access to your control panel, and that your pages and plug-ins are virus-free with our 24/7 Site Surveillance Service.

Owning your own business is stressful enough—you shouldn’t have to stress about website security holes and hackers too. And, with our round-the-clock security monitoring, you don’t have to. Our 24/7 site surveillance includes:

  • Monthly security audits
  • Malware scanning and quarantine
  • Infection cleanup

That means you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

We’ll Keep You Covered in an Emergency

Because we know you want to protect the investment you’ve made in your custom web presence, we include daily backups on a third party server in our managed WordPress hosting plans. So, in the unlikely event anything ever happens to our systems, we’ll have an extra copy of your website ready to restore your pages exactly as they were, and with no waiting.

It’s easy to overlook the value of premium managed WordPress hosting, but it costs next to nothing to improve your web performance, protect your website from hackers, and get the insurance you need in case of an emergency.

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