Brew City Marketing LogoMilwaukee logo design is a process but it is well worth it. Your logo is the first thing your customers see when they contact your company. It defines you, it defines what you stand for and what you sell.

As the market grows and changes, as your business grows and changes, sometimes you need to change how clients–current and potential–see your company. Brand recognition is very important. Will your customers recognize you in this market? A modern image is also crucial; even as a company that is five generations old, for example, you need to reflect your ability to be flexible.

Another important thing to consider when designing your logo is how will it look on print, web, and the embroidered shirts your employees wear. A simple, well designed logo usually works best so that it will project well on all mediums. There

Updating your logo is a fairly easy, cost-effective way to update your image, and it sets the stage for further remodeling of your company’s look. A logo that is 3-dimensional makes your company’s name and colors pop, as well as having many more opportunities to “play” with it on a marketing sense.

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