At Brew City Marketing, we’re at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape. And if there’s one area that’s caught our attention in recent years, it’s the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on local SEO services. There are a variety of ways that AI can be implemented to advance digital marketing efforts. Here, we focus on detailing two of them: Voice search optimization and content optimization. Keep reading to learn how these AI approaches can make a big impact on your Milwaukee business. 

Voice Search Optimization 

Instead of typing out searches, consumers are now asking Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant their queries in a more conversational tone. This emergence of voice search is driving a significant change in keyword strategies. Traditional keyword phrases, which are often succinct, are evolving into longer, more natural-sounding phrases or questions.


The benefits of integrating voice search optimization into local SEO services and broader digital marketing efforts are manifold. First and foremost, it allows businesses to cater to a growing segment of voice search users, ensuring they don’t miss out on potential traffic and conversions. Optimizing for voice search often means prioritizing long-tail keywords and frequently asked questions that reflect natural speech patterns. By doing so, businesses can achieve higher rankings for voice-initiated queries. 


Moreover, as AI continues to improve its understanding of natural language processing (NLP), the accuracy of voice search results also improves. This ensures that when potential customers ask their devices about local services or products, businesses optimized for voice search are right at the forefront, ready to meet those needs. In essence, embracing voice-activated optimization not only positions a business favorably in current search engine rankings but also future-proofs their digital marketing strategies for the evolving ways consumers seek information.

Content Optimization

For local SEO services, content remains king. AI tools can now scrutinize web content, suggesting vital tweaks or pinpointing gaps affecting SEO. Additionally, large language model platforms, such as ChatGPT, can be used to research, draft, and/or outline content for further development by trained copywriters and editors. 


Here, at Brew City Marketing, we do just that. After developing content plans along with our clients, we often turn to LLMs as part of our research and development process. Along with Googling and relying on information and resources provided by clients, LLMs help our writers to more quickly understand complex topics. 


And sometimes you’re just stuck! We have all had writer’s block at one time or another, and LLMs help to get the ball rolling. They offer suggestions for phrasing and explanations that can then be adjusted and revised to match our clients’ desired tone and persona. 


To ensure that nothing we publish matches other content online, we use Grammarly – another AI-based platform! – to assess the writing against all online content, flagging any wording matches so we can make adjustments from there. This is yet another opportunity to improve our content development through human and AI collaboration.  

Explore All the Ways AI Can Transform Local SEO Services

AI’s integration into local SEO services is a game-changer, presenting unmatched opportunities for Milwaukee’s businesses. As your dedicated digital marketing ally, Brew City Marketing is geared up to help you lead in this AI-augmented SEO era.


Ready to redefine your local SEO services with cutting-edge AI strategies? Connect with us today. Let Brew City Marketing steer you confidently through the dynamic domain of digital marketing.

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