Brew City Marketing Internet Marketing Milwaukee Direct MailSometimes search engine marketers like ourselves forget how important direct mail still is for most small business local marketing plans. In fact, according to MarketingProfs, 43% of local retail advertising dollars go to direct mail, and the majority (76%) of small business owners include both print and digital marketing in their marketing mix. Obviously, it must be working if nearly 3/4ths of business owners are paying for it!

So, how can business owners get the customized communications and fat ROIs from direct mail that local SEO and digital marketing are so well known for? The answer lies in variable printing. Instead of relying on high-volume “spray and pray” campaigns, businesses can use variable printing strategies that allow for customized direct mailings with different offers, images, coupon codes, and the like. Not only does this allow businesses to segment their mailings for better targeting, it also allows them to track which mailings perform (or don’t).

Combine a great direct mail campaign with some killer local SEO and you’re well on your way to creating a smart marketing strategy that drives growth and profits.

Wondering how you can add direct mail to your local marketing plans? Contact us today at 414-208-0700—our Milwaukee marketing and graphic design teams can put together a customized campaign designed to meet your unique needs.

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