Group of people sitting in a room in the Active Campaign workshopLast week Amanda, Nick and I took a trip down to Chicago to visit Active Campaign’s headquarters and participate in a workshop they were hosting. Active Campaign in the simplest definition is an email marketing application. My first thought was “Why host a workshop for an email marketing application?”  I have worked with other email marketing platforms; all easy to explore and figure out. Why would this be any different? Boy, was I wrong…

What is Active Campaign?

Active Campaign at its core is an application used for email marketing, but it is so much more than that. Combining email marketing with automation and then coupling that with an incredible CRM system makes a very useful marketing tool.

Our workshop hosts, Chris Davis and Jamie Madison, were great speakers. Starting out they showed off the features of Active Campaign that the average user may not even be aware of. Chris and Jamie then took it a step further when they showed real-world examples of how to implement these features to make the marketing of business easier and more efficient. This was all very informative but still felt like the functions of a standard email marketing program. That’s when they started discussing automation.

Automation is game-changing. Having the ability to automatically add and remove a customer based on the action they take (or don’t take) is the next level. One of the examples they gave us that made the potential Active Campaign clear to me was the dress example.

Dress Example

Imagine you are a clothing store. You have a customer that is signed up for a newsletter, they exist in a list that receives an email every month with generic clothing deals targeted for a wide customer base. You may be able to get that customer interested in a deal or two but most likely they will buy anything from the email. That same customer visits your website and goes to a specific page multiple times. To demonstrate in this example that page is all about spring dresses. Wouldn’t it be awesome to remove that customer from a generic newsletter email list and add them to a list that targets customers looking at dresses? The power of Active Campaign is to do just that. The ability to automate the journey a potential customer will take to get to a sale.

Taking this example and applying the basic process to various businesses you can start to see the true potential and limitless possibilities Active Campaign provides to its users.

The remainder of the workshop showed us various aspects and examples of how Active Campaign could be used to do everything from generating leads to lead scoring. They even covered how integration across different platforms works with Active Campaign in achieving a business’s goals.

Connor and Nick sitting at Active Campaigns headquartersWe Can Help with Digital Marketing

To end our day in Chicago we got to tour the Active Campaign headquarters and see how their success truly starts with their employees and transfers to a well-designed product that provides tons of support and education to its users.

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