As we continue to push forward and help our clients with this unprecedented circumstance, we wanted to share some key points we took away from our clients that are doing well during quarantine. Take this list with you and maybe it will help inspire you to approach Monday with a fresh and confident plan of attack!


  1. Provide full disclosure to your client base whether you’re still open or closing.


  1. Remember local businesses are the leaders of our communities. Show your support by providing positive, honest information that gives our communities hope for a fearless and productive existence.


  1. Tackle major website updates or other larger digital projects. Get out ahead of your competition while you have time to be more thoughtful.


  1. Get really good at providing online and phone customer service. Keep them informed by making sure your messaging clearly communicates what your store hours and policies will be moving forward.


  1. Work on your website, SEO, and social media as many normally find it hard to make time for these things. This is the perfect opportunity to turn a difficult situation into a productive one.


  1. When things slow down most successful companies do not stop marketing, they push it. When everyone else is cutting back, it’s the perfect opportunity to move forward.


  1. Working with clients during this time is more about lending them an ear so they can vent their newfound worries and frustrations. Not only does this help give them peace of mind, but it gives you a chance to re-examine their situation and identify new pain points, which can then be addressed with a specific strategy. COVID-19 may be a great opportunity to start building those bridges and taking those client relationships to the next level.


  1. Boost your brand presence and optimize your website. Yes, leads may be low right now – but hopefully, customers will remember who you are and what you do when this is over and a sense of normality is returning.


  1. Update your website, create those standard operating procedures (SOPs), improve your sales process, look for contractors.


  1. If this is a big blow to you, figure out ways to prevent this big blow from ever happening again by diversifying and embracing new technology.


It’s great to see how businesses are taking this challenge during quarantine and turning it into an opportunity to grow. As always, please let us know if we can assist in any way. 


Stay safe and strong, Milwaukee!

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