WWWFor a lot of businesses, mobile web marketing involves a little bit of “push and pull” thinking. On the one hand, they absolutely want to use every tool at their disposal to meet new customers and make their business available online to smartphone and tablet users. But on the other hand, who wants to invest even more money in a mobile web design… much less have two sites to maintain and keep up to date?

Luckily, with responsive web design, there is an answer that works for almost everyone.

Responsive web design gets its name from the fact that it “responds” to individual users who access your site, showing one type of display or version to “regular” desktop and laptop users, and different versions to mobile users. That means one site can display and function correctly for one customer who’s using a laptop and another who is coming to you via an iPhone, all at the same time.

It’s a way of working that has a lot of us in the business Milwaukee web design industry very excited. In particular, it gives our clients three distinct advantages:

1. Simplicity.

Responsive web design is simpler because it only leaves you with one site to look after, update, and maintain. Most businesses don’t have the time and resources to manage multiple web presences, so a single-site solution tends to be best.

2. Compatibility.

Responsive web designs work with all kinds of smartphones and tablets, meaning you don’t have to worry about the coding in your pages being a roadblock to mobile marketing. No matter what kind of devices your customers use or prefer, your website will be ready.

3. Value.

Not only is it less expensive to keep a single site, but responsive web design keeps you up to date with mobile technology, meaning you won’t have to replace or upgrade your site as often as you would have otherwise. In other words, you can keep more of your money instead of spending it on further web development.

Are there times when you could still want a dedicated mobile site? There are, if you had extensive e-commerce needs or millions of mobile visits per month, but that isn’t the reality for 99% of the companies out there. For the rest, responsive web design offers a combination of features, benefits, and long-term value that most businesses crave.

Want to find out more about responsive web design and how it can be the missing piece to your mobile marketing strategy? Call or email Brew City Marketing today to get a free demonstration of how it works.

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