Project Description

WI FACETS provides support to children and adults with disabilities specifically to help enhance the quality of their lives. Founded by a small group of dedicated parents in 1995, WI FACETS now serves the entire state through a variety of different avenues. Check out their website to learn about their unique projects, find educational resources, and donate to support their initiatives.

Brew City Marketing partnered with WI FACETS to design a new website that was easy to upload and provide resources to visitors in need of information. Their old website had become unresponsive and the business had yet to pin down its branding, so BCM came in to assist! They also hoped for an easy way for website visitors to sign up to attend events and search the website for specific information. Lastly, they wanted to make sure they knew how to make updates to all of the dynamic functionalities on their new website.

Our Solutions

  • Designed and built a responsive website and solidified branding.
  • Built a Resources page that is easy to add to.
  • Added a calendar plugin so visitors can easily access events and register for webinars.
  • Added a search feature for visitors to easily navigate to what they’re looking for on the site.
  • Provided training on how to use all of the new features and functionalities. 
  • Reduced the amount of scrolling required on each page with collapsable menus, flip boxes, and menu lists.