Project Description

John Suson, MD, is a comprehensive ophthalmologist with extensive experience in cataract surgery, advanced technology lens implantation and laser vision correction surgery (LASIK).

When he approached Brew City Marketing, his old website was outdated and out of touch with current web design best practices. Visually, it looked flat and didn’t tell his full story. He wanted something new that was visually stunning, simple, and modern looking, along with branding that aligned with the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Our Solutions

  • Dr. Suson joined the Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute so he needed to brand his pages accordingly. He wanted to put an emphasis on his brand while highlighting the partnership at the same time.
  • Cleaned up the overall look of his website so it felt more on-brand with the Medical College of Wisconsin while upping visual appeal.
  • Reorganized the layout and flow of the site to keep visitors engaged and able to easily access the information they need.
  • Overall the project provided Dr. Suson with a simple, modern look that calls to mind a professional in the health field