Project Description

Located in Milwaukee, State Disposal Services is a locally owned and operated recycling and disposal company that helps their clients clean up responsibly. State Disposal’s environmentally conscious recycling process can help clients earn LEED certification for their building, with all recycling operations backed by detailed reporting and on-site signage as required. Wanting to extend their ethos of professionalism, State Disposal Services enlisted Brew City’s help in redesigning their website to showcase what their facility has to offer.

Our Solutions

  • Contact form on website to encourage customer engagement
  • Custom gallery to showcase their facility and services
  • Custom website redesign using WordPress resulting in a modern and responsive extension of their business
  • On-page SEO to boost their search rankings and authority, driving more traffic and customers to their website


  • Four months after the new website launch, the average user visited over two pages on the site while only spending on average 1:17 on the website in total meaning they were able to navigate the site quickly and efficiently
  • Quarter one bounce rate is at 50.86% which is very good for this industry