Project Description

The Solstice Collective is a brand new, Lake Country-based innovative health and spa center located in Delafield, Wisconsin. They always aim to provide their clients with innovative approaches to provide relaxing and rejuvenating experiences that leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. They specialize in offering unique services like Colon Hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Enhancement Treatment, Hypnosis, and Master Herbalist & Wellness Coach Consultations. They also provide a wide variety of different skincare treatments such as facials, dermaplaning, facial waxing, and so much more. The Solstice Collective wants you to experience the positive lifestyle changes you desire.

Brew City Marketing worked with the Solstice Collective to give them a fresh, informative, and user-friendly website. We also worked with them to chose fonts, images, and colors for their site to really compliment their brand aesthetic. Brew City Marketing is also offering their expertise in social media and content marketing, as well as making efforts in making the Solstice Collective website stand out and stand ahead of their competitors with on-page SEO efforts.

Our Solutions

  • Creating a brand new, state-of-the-art website to help them put their best digital foot forward.
  • Chose colors, fonts, images, and branding to help compliment the aesthetic that they were looking for.
  • Consultation around their social media and content to help them stand out. 
  • Engage in on-page SEO efforts to help their page be found and stand out on Google and other search engines.