Project Description

skiin, an anti-aging lounge in Waukesha that offers surgical and non-surgical skin care treatments, needed a website that had more to offer than just superficial beauty. Their website was functional and looked good, but it needed more to fully explain their expansive service menu and to rank well online in a competitive market. After our content and SEO overhaul, however, skiin has a robust website that ranks well and gets dozens of new visitors daily.

Our Solutions

As part of our WordPress website overhaul, our team reorganized the site for better flow, added lots of keyword-rich content, and optimized the site for search engines. To increase engagement, we added plenty of dynamic elements and implemented responsive design for mobile viewing. Their WP website looks as good as ever, and now it performs as well as it looks. The additional content and design work has been a great success, with website traffic ranging from 20 to 60 new visitors a day!