Project Description

The Rheumatic Disease Center is one of the oldest and largest single-specialty rheumatology clinics in Southeastern Wisconsin. Originally founded in 1972, the clinic has grown from a partnership of two doctors to a full service clinic of seven rheumatologists and one physician assistant. The Rheumatic Disease Center team utilizes over 100 years of practice experience and medical knowledge to provide the most innovative patient care available. With every visit, all of their patients can expect to receive quality care, compassion, and respect.

Brew City Marketing collaborated with the Rheumatic Disease Center to upgrade their website, ensuring an appealing experience for potential clients. First, we implemented a website redesign with clean, company-matching aesthetics. Then, we optimized their web page content for Google and other search engines with on-page SEO. These enhancements will increase their opportunity to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic to their website. Finally, we provided a consultation on new HIPAA-compliant patient forms to meet HIPAA standards. This will enable patients to manage their personal information, view upcoming appointments, and review statements. The experts at Brew City delivered with a completely custom website harnessing both the power of SEO best practices and UX design.

Our Solutions

  • Redesigned their website with a cleaner look and feel
  • Provided on-page SEO services to ensure high visibility and increased rankings
  • Delivered a comprehensive consultation on HIPPA-compliant new patient forms
  • Developed cleaner bio pages to add a personal touch to the company