Project Description

Real Time Automation delivers 30 years of developing solutions for custom engineered, specifically tailored industrial communications and control products. RTA’s team of experienced engineers create solutions for custom embedded controllers, specialized communications interfaces and more. RTA’s engineering, product development and tested implementation expertise enables them to provide solutions for diverse industries across 45 countries, including local shops and Fortune 500 companies.

Chief among our goals in the web renovation was to increase sales. To meet this goal, first we merged RTA’s main website with their estore into one solid entity. Secondly, we designed the homepage layout to direct visitors to 4 main areas: gateways, support, resources, and events. Thirdly, we added modern and clean design elements to blend seamlessly meshed RTA’s traditional design. Fourthly, we supplied a new color for call to actions and created a more visually appealing font style for headers to catch browser’s attention. Lastly, RTA’s marketing team can now update their products and content more easily with the new user-friendly theme.

Our Solutions

  • Optimized website for mobile responsiveness
  • Created more user-friendly theme to modernize brand and highlight unique character of RTA
  • Added high-visibility product selector widget at top of each web page
  • Provided Newsletter sign up widgets to ensure more calls to action
  • Incorporated customer testimonials throughout site to highlight success and satisfaction
  • Redesigned interior pages to harmonize with a new modern look