Project Description

Hyperion Holdings, Inc. is a trusted leader in property management and real estate investment, serving the Milwaukee area with a comprehensive suite of services. They specialize in managing a diverse portfolio of properties while offering strategic investment opportunities. To better connect with tenants, landlords, and prospective clients, Hyperion Holdings needed a property management web design solution that effectively showcased their services and facilitated easy communication.

Challenge: Updating an Outdated Website

Hyperion Holdings turned to Brew City Marketing for a complete website redesign to enhance its digital presence. They required a website with modern features to streamline their processes and improve user engagement. The primary goals included:

  • A calendar feature to schedule consultations
  • Social media feeds to keep clients updated
  • Links to tenant and landlord portals
  • An MLS feature to view available real estate
  • The existing website lacked these functionalities and had an outdated design that didn’t reflect the company’s professional image.

Our Solutions

  • Website Redesign: We created a sleek, modern website that aligns with Hyperion Holdings’ brand identity, offering a user-friendly interface and responsive web design.
  • Calendar Integration: Implemented a consultation scheduling calendar to streamline the appointment booking process.
  • Social Media Feeds: Integrated social media feeds to keep visitors informed about company updates.
  • Portals and MLS Links: Clear links were added to tenant and landlord portals, making it easy for users to access relevant resources.
  • MLS Plugin: We installed an MLS plugin to automatically import new real estate listings, ensuring that property information is current and easy to manage.
  • SEO Services: Enhanced the website with continued SEO strategies to improve visibility, attract new clients, and keep Hyperion Holdings relevant in search engine results.