Project Description

Kara Sophia Catrelle, MSW, LCSW, owns and operates a holistic Jungian psychotherapy & astro-psychology private practice online and in Black Mountain, NC. Kara “bridges the mystical with the practical”, enabling hundreds of people find balance, happiness, and serenity within their lives. Her brand new website is not only a trusted source for her clients but a place where they can easily learn about Kara and schedule services.

Our Solutions

Kara’s old website lacked dynamism, so our design team amped up the design with a theme centered around the hallmarks of vedic astrology. Our team also went to work on the e-commerce side, adding a fully-integrated WooCommerce product page that allows the end user to frictionlessly purchase and schedule services. Finally, we implemented a fully responsive design backed by WordPress and completed on-page SEO to increase traffic and conversions. The result is a beautiful new website that not only serves the end-user, but perfectly aligns with Kara’s goal tagline of aligning the mystical with the practical.