Project Description

Jane Gleeson is a Registered Nurse, Acupuncturist, Fertility Coach, and Author. While her book and practice focus mainly on holistic fertility care, she also offers guidance to those in need of lifestyle coaching, stress management, and nutritional guidance.

Brew City Marketing partnered with Jane Gleeson to design a website in alignment with the launch of her book, Who Stole My Ovaries, now for sale on Amazon. Her main objectives were to convey the value of her book’s contents and the services she offers to her clients. Additionally, she wanted a portal to confidentially receive patient forms, the ability to post blogs on her areas of focus, and content that draws the attention of those in search of the expertise she provides.

Our Solutions

  • Redesigned her current website, including a section that features her book directly on the homepage along with its own separate page to provide more information.
  • Created a password protected page where clients can access and fill out patient in-take forms.
  • Built out a user-friendly blog page where posts can easily be uploaded. 
  • Optimized each page with search engine optimization to attract her audience to the website.