Project Description

Galando Properties is a father-and-son home-buying company that boasts over 40 years of experience in assisting individuals in challenging situations. Initially started by the father at the young age of 22, he bought properties in his neighborhood, presenting homeowners with solutions they hadn’t previously considered. Now in his 60s, he remains eager to share his vast knowledge and experience. His son, inspired by the tales of his father’s early ventures, developed a similar passion. After college, he sought guidance from his father, eager to perpetuate the family tradition of aiding homeowners in tough circumstances.

The team came to Brew City Marketing looking to build a website, domain, and logo in order to better attract potential clients searching for keywords like “buy my house” online. 

Our Solutions:

  • Designed their website with a focus on navigation & clarifying services. 
  • Designed a new logo to represent the company. 
  • Purchased a dedicated domain. 
  • Set up and managed website hosting. 
  • On and off page SEO.