Project Description

Led by Megan Zintek, Bella Via Dance Studio strives to mold young dancers into confident, compassionate and intelligent artistes. Wanting to attract more young talent and grow her business, Megan enlisted our help in revamping her dated website. One refreshed logo, a few pops of bright color, and one streamlined navigation later, Bella Via’s website now has a totally updated look that will keep young people dancing through the doors for years to come.

Our Solutions

  • Gave their old logo a facelift, adding bright pops of ombre color that truly embody the spirit of Megan and her troupe.
  • Redesigned the website and gave it a completely new look and feel. We focused on big images, bright colors, and a bold design that encompass all the unique characteristics of the Bella Via brand.
  • Improved the user experience of the website with a streamlined navigation for new and returning visitors. By creating a nicely flowing website, users find it a joy to interact and find the information they want.