Project Description

Allies For Teens In Foster Care came to Brew City Marketing as a non-profit that aims to promote social capital for teens in foster care. The client was seeking solutions to promote awareness, education, and to advocate for teens in foster care, who oftentimes are underrepresented and/or marginalized from resources and their broader community. The client aimed to create a digital space to address these issues in an educational manner and provide opportunities for potential donors, financiers, and beneficiaries to facilitate empowerment for fostered teens. They hoped to build a website with us that is emotionally warm and visually approachable, as well as informative and practical.


  • Intuitive Information Hierarchy: Information structure and architecture was organized within the homepage and interior pages, optimized for intuitive information approachability and absorption.
  • Imagery: Imagery used evokes emotional warmth and trust, expressing and inviting shared emotional as well as monetary support.
  • Aesthetic: The overall aesthetic is stylistically simple and minimal, showcasing the content and information rather than visually overwhelming it.
  • Method: This clean and simple but effective and straightforward approach to the aesthetic, layout, and content aims to reinforce trust and stability towards potential partners in regard to the organization itself, and their ultimate mission to empower foster kids and families.