If your business has its own website you’ll want to make sure you have a sturdy Privacy Policy. This is a precaution that protects you and your potential customers as well. Many small businesses aren’t aware that they are required to have a policy. Keep reading for the main reasons why everyone needs a Privacy Policy and how Brew City Marketing can help!

It’s Required by Law if the Website Collects Personally Identifiable Info (PII)

Does your site ask visitors to fill out a contact sheet or sign up for a newsletter? Any form that requires a person to provide their name, email, and/or phone number is considered PII. Each state has its own set of laws surrounding this issue with fines that can reach $2,500-$7,500 per website visitor. Do you know your state’s laws? You can find those details at this link.

Your Privacy Policy Helps Your Sales

Many people have experienced a breach of privacy by signing up for something online. Because of this, folks are paying closer attention to how their info is being used. If your Privacy Policy is prominent and sturdy, customers are more likely to deem you trustworthy enough to buy your product.

Many Helpful Internet Tools Require It

If you aren’t using it already, you will find a great tool in Google Analytics. It helps website owners view their traffic, how those people found you, and what the most popular pages on your site are. This tool, amongst other prominent advertising tools, requires you to have a Privacy Policy.

How We Can Help

Some choose to write their own, but keeping up with it can easily fall to the wayside. The Privacy Policy generator we have partnered with will automatically update your website policies whenever laws specific to your state change. If you’re interested in having us set up your Privacy Policy, we are ready to help! Reach out to our team here and we will start the simple process for you.

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