milwaukee-web-design-video Although the concept of putting online videos into a business website home page isn’t new, it’s a trend that’s still growing and expanding. In fact, more of our clients than ever are choosing to “say it with video,” and dramatically increasing their conversions (in the form of new leads, sales, and email registrations) at the same time.

It’s no wonder that video is becoming a marketing superstar. Not only do online clips allow you to convey marketing messages more effectively, but video is easier to see and understand than text, allows for social sharing, and can be easily viewed on virtually any type of mobile web device. The same can’t be said for long paragraphs, which can be difficult to read on small screens.

But, as with anything in online marketing, there is an art and science involved in creating effective home page videos. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up from experience:

Make sure your home page video is clear, engaging, and to the point. Not every video is a great video. Yours needs to have a clear beginning and end, win attention quickly, and stay on message without going too long. That might sound like a simple formula, but it’s easy to get viewers to tune out if you’re missing one of the important elements.

Pay attention to production values. Your home page video should look like a professional production, not a request for ransom money. Grainy shots, poor editing, and muffled audio all paint you as an amateur… and convince potential customers to look elsewhere.

Choose the right video marketing style for your message. Should your video be an animation, one with a well-known personality speaking directly into the camera, or an instructional clip with statistics and graphs to back up key points? The answer depends on your company, product, and tone, as well as your conversion goal.

Leave viewers with one clear call to action. When your video ends, it should be very clear what you’re asking people to do. Invite them to take a small step to keep the sales process moving along. Don’t ask for too much right away, and make sure that the next step is very clear.

Done correctly, a video on your home page can do wonders for your conversion results. It doesn’t matter whether you want new email subscribers, leads coming in for your service, or even product sales – creating a short, crisp video could help you double or triple the number of visitors who respond.

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