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Google Adwords Explained…and More

Google AdWords, also known as paid search, is pay-per-click advertising offered through Google. The AdWords section of the search results appears on the top and bottom of the search page when you go to Google and type in a keyword.  In order to get representation for your business in this section of search results, you need to specify a budget and commit to paying Google on a pay-per-click basis. You select and bid for search terms for your product or service. As long as you have a budget left in your account that is greater than Google’s cost per click, your ad will appear in the AdWords section of the search results when people type in the keywords that you are bidding on.

Let’s dive into this a bit further, in case you are looking for additional clarification.

Does Google Adwords Work?

What percentage of the market don’t you want to be in front of? I always give this analogy to my clients to get them to think about the opportunity, regardless of the number of people who click in the paid section of the search results because even if it’s only 25% of users who click there, that’s a good percentage of the market. Let’s dig deeper on the users who actually click in the AdWords section.

The AdWords section of the search results typically generates anywhere from 25% – 40% of the clicks for a search done on Google. Why the variation? Well, one reason is that there have been a ton of 3rd party studies on this topic – how many people actually click in this section. The results of all these studies support one agreed upon statistic – most (greater than 50%) of the clicks on Google happen in the organic section of the search results. However, all the studies show a varying degree of the percentage of users who click in the paid section, thus the difference in percentages. Another reason for the varying range is that it depends on the search term. For example, when looking for a local business, users are more likely to look in the organic section and/or the Maps section of Google. Think about if you needed a plumber, fast. You might think that it would be best to find someone close, and the Maps will show you plumbers nearby so you might be more likely to look there first. However, if you are looking for shoes, well, you probably want to see all the big brands, not just the shoesmith down the street, and you may be more open to clicking in the AdWords section to find shoe companies located around the country or globe. Therefore, the numbers vary.

When should you consider AdWords in your online advertising?

The advantage to this type of marketing is, with an effective buy, your ad can appear near or at the top of the results within hours. Let’s say you don’t have your website ranking (in the organic section of the search results) as well as you need it to at the moment. AdWords can get you representation on page #1 for all of your keywords, immediately. Yes, there is a cost, and that cost is determined by a number of factors (see more about that below), but there is also a cost with SEO (search engine optimization). The question is, how quickly does your business need to capitalize on the value of the internet to bringing in new opportunities for your business? You should have a conversation with your internet marketing consultant to identify the potential benefits of AdWords advertising, looking at all the angles.

What should be considered when launching an AdWords campaign?

Good keyword research will allow you to understand both the opportunity and the investment (cost) to pay-per-click advertising. With keyword research, you can identify the right keywords to bid on, how much the cost per click will be, and what budget you should set in order to generate a specific number of clicks. Once you decide that Google Adwords is a fit, you need to create a campaign, set up the ad groups, create the ads, and demographics, set your daily budget, and monitor.

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