Do you know what Google AdWords is? Unless you work for an SEO, web design or internet marketing company, you may not. AdWords is Google’s online advertising service, and it works by placing ads near the list of search results that Google displays for a particular search query. In this way, AdWords provides targeted advertising for those who advertise on Google.

To truly understand what AdWords is, it helps to understand how advertising with Google works. In general, AdWords work by driving traffic to an advertiser’s website by putting that advertiser’s ads in front of viewers right when they’re searching for identical or related topics. For instance, someone searching for “winter coats” might see ads for “winter coats,” “winter jackets,” or even “winter clothes.”

Depending on what type of AdWords advertising a business chooses to use, they may only pay for an ad when it is actually clicked (known as pay-per-click, or PPC advertising), or they may pay for it based on the number of times it is displayed (cost-per-thousand impressions advertising, or CPM). This gives advertisers some control and flexibility as they create their online marketing campaigns.

How Does AdWords Work?

AdWords is different from traditional types of advertising in that it doesn’t come with pre-determined costs and fees. Instead, advertisers can use a PPC-based auction system that allows them to bid on those keywords that are most likely to perform.

It may seem strange, but bidding on keywords is a key component of PPC advertising (also called cost-per-click advertising, or CPP) with Google. When advertisers bid on a keyword, they are bidding to have their ads placed in the highest position in Google search results when those keywords are targeted. And, in general, the higher one’s search ranking, the more likely they are to get a “hit.” Ranking isn’t everything, however. In fact, other factors are just as important to determining search rank as bidding.

For instance, a site’s click-through-rates (CTR, a ratio that shows how often people who see an ad actually end up clicking it) and Quality Scores (an estimate of how relevant the ads, keywords and landing page are to a person seeing a particular ad) can dramatically impact search results, regardless of the bid price.

Why Do Companies Use Google AdWords?

Once they’ve asked, “What is Google AdWords?” most small business owners are eager to know what it can do for them, and for good reason. There are many benefits to using AdWords to advertise your small business, including:

  • Increased visibility. The Google Display Network (GDN) is the global communications network that allows ads to be communicated across just about all devices and media platforms. It reaches an astounding 80% of all internet users in the U.S.

  • Targeted audience. Because your ad is displayed to people who are already searching for the kind of product or service you offer, they’re more likely to respond to your ad and take action.

  • Marketing control. With Google AdWords, you choose where and when your ad appears, so you don’t have to pay for advertising that isn’t working for you.

  • Cost-per-click bidding options. With CPC bidding, you are charged for an ad only when someone clicks your ad, not just because your ad appears.

  • Analytics and data. Google AdWords offers a slew of reporting and tools options to help you or your marketing team understand what’s working and what’s not.

Will You Need Help Managing an AdWords Campaign?

Due to the incredible wealth of data and information that AdWords can supply, managing AdWords accounts can be complex and time consuming, which is why some web design and search engine marketing agencies offer account management services. These internet marketing services allow small businesses to reap the many benefits of using Google AdWords for their business without having to employ a full-time marketing department.

If you’re a small business owner eager to see what a Google AdWords campaign can do for you, but you do not have the time or staff to execute a marketing plan alone, a good SEO company can help you find the right keywords and internet marketing strategy to grow your business online.

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