Marketing Sales FunnelAlthough sales funnels are talked about quite a bit within internet marketing circles, the fact of the matter is that most clients don’t even have one. Or, they haven’t made one that’s as effective as it could be. Ideally, your funnel should do one thing and do it well: it should turn visitors into customers or sales opportunities.

For your sales funnel to work, you have to accomplish a few key tasks, step by step. For instance:

First, you need some way to drive visitors to your site. Often, this is the result of search engine optimization or social media marketing, but email newsletters can be effective, too.

Next, you need an offer that compels visitors to begin a relationship with you. These can range from informational packets to sample products, but they should be either free or very low cost, so there isn’t anything to prevent the visitor from taking that first step.

Once the relationship has been established, it has to be nurtured and grown. This could be through that informational piece or sample product you provided, and/or through additional points of contact (like automated responses to your email newsletter). The idea is to make customers more comfortable with you every step of the way.

Finally, the funnel is complete with a new account or larger sale. After the relationship has grown enough, customers should feel comfortable placing bigger (and more profitable) orders with you.

The beauty of the system is that it takes an outcome that was initially unlikely (a large order or ongoing account) and turns it into a logical series of small steps that any visitor can follow.

Are there parts of your sales funnel or Milwaukee internet marketing strategy that are either missing, or not as effective as they could be? If your sales funnel could use some work, contact us. We’d love to help you turn that funnel into a typhoon.

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