Customers and search engines alike hate web pages that load slowly. Here are five different web design and hosting choices that can slow your website to a crawl.

  1. Ignoring the technical details
    Some bargain-basement web design teams will neglect details like browser caching and compression options. These features may not seem like much individually, but in the aggregate they can dramatically alter load times.
  2. Using long video clips
    Video can be great for telling a story or engaging visitors, but keep your clips short—unless you want them to take forever to load.
  3. Using big, uncompressed graphics
    More and more internet marketers are choosing to use large, uncompressed images because some hosting software can change the display size automatically. It’s easier for them, but these huge image files can load slowly in the background of your website, ruining the experience for your visitors.
  4. Using unusual fonts
    Because browsers have to work harder to display crazy fonts or find substitutes for them if the exact font can’t be found, using really uncommon fonts on your website can also affect page loading times.
  5. Bad hosting
    Even if you have a website built for performance, if you’re saddled with a bad host, it still won’t load quickly. In fact, when a well-designed website loads very slowly, it’s often the hosting provider (or hosting package) that’s to blame. Hosting is an area where a small investment can make a big difference in the performance of your website.

If your web pages load slowly, it’s probably costing you in missed search traffic and bounced web visits. Call 414-208-0700 or fill out our contact form today to see how we can help speed up your site.

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