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If you use WordPress to publish content on the web, you’re in good company. From the New York Times to Forbes Magazine, WordPress is arguably the top content management system on the web today. But, with dozens of other content management systems to choose from, why do over 75 million bloggers, artists, business owners and more choose WordPress? And more importantly, if you’re a business owner who’s considering building a website of your own, why should you?

In “Why WordPress”, our six-part blog series, we’ll not only talk about the features that make WordPress great, we’ll also share real-world examples of our own clients reaping the benefits of this simple, but powerful software.

Here are the topics we’ll explore over the next few weeks.

Search engines love WordPress websites – It’s true: search engines crawl WordPress websites more frequently than any other type of website. Why? Because the simple and clean code behind WordPress makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index your website. Having the ability to optimize each page, post and image helps, too.

You have complete control of your website – WordPress is an open source CMS, which means any user can manipulate, customize or redistribute it as he or she sees fit. In other words, WordPress is not proprietary. Effectively, this means that you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your website, whether that means radically altering the code and migrating it to any hosting company.

The design of your website is 100% customizable – Having complete control of your website is one of the primary benefits of WordPress. With WordPress, the look and feel of your website 100% customizable, allowing your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Plugins extend the functionality of your website – There are over 29,000 plugins in the WordPress directory. Even better, a new plugin is added every hour! Plugins are customized code that extend and expand the functionality of your website, giving you the ability to build a full-scale E-commerce website or add a Twitter feed, among thousands of other options.

Your website can grow as your business grows – WordPress sites are highly scalable. Your website can have hundreds and thousands of pages, blog posts, or products. Rest assured that no matter how much your business grows, performance of the your website will not be compromised in the least.

You can have multiple users – As an administrator of a WordPress website you can set-up multiple users and assign differing access levels . No need to purchase additional users or wait for a developer to make the updates for you.

For our first post in the series, we’ll be talking about why search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo love WordPress. Follow our blog to keep up with every post in the series.

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