In the vast realm of content creation, the term “canned content” is tossed around. But what does it truly signify? Canned content refers to prefabricated, off-the-shelf pieces of written material, often generic, that are used by multiple websites without much customization. Think of it as a one-size-fits-all shirt – sure, it might fit many, but does it truly fit anyone perfectly?

Where Canned Content Falls Short

Venturing into the world of SEO, originality and relevance reign supreme. Google’s algorithms are continuously evolving, aiming to deliver the most pertinent and authentic information to its users. Canned content, being as generic as it is, often falls into the category of unhelpful content. Such pieces lack uniqueness, leading Google to view them as less valuable, resulting in potential site demotions.

The Risk of Site Demotion with Generic Content

Beyond the inherent generality of canned content, another lurking danger is plagiarism. Given the widespread reuse of these materials, it’s unsurprisingly common to find them replicated – sometimes partially, at times wholly – across various sites. Google’s eagle-eyed algorithms can detect such plagiarized generic content, leading to severe repercussions, including demotion or even site removal. Nobody wants to fall from Google’s graces, and using canned content may set you on that slippery slope.

Negative Impact on Your Audience

While we’ve discussed the algorithmic complications of canned content, let’s not forget the real individuals visiting your website: your potential customers. Users come to your site searching for specific answers, hoping for valuable insights tailored to their needs. Canned content, in its generic essence, often falls short. This results in user dissatisfaction, ultimately tarnishing the company’s image and rendering its digital efforts ineffective.

The Alternative: Content Crafted with Precision

At Brew City Marketing, we comprehend the intricacies of the digital realm. Instead of relying heavily on canned content, our approach to content development is grounded in originality. While AI writing tools assist us in brainstorming and honing our ideas, the actual content is molded to resonate with the individual business and its target audience. We aim to address specific questions, offering in-depth insights into the services and industries pertinent to our clients. This method fosters a genuine connection between the audience and the brand, cementing trust and reliability.


Whether you are looking for a comprehensive SEO strategy encompassing content or would prefer a few one-off pieces of content to flesh our your website, your blog collection, or your explanation of a particular service, Brew City Marketing has got you covered. In any content endeavor, choose original, crafted content over generic, canned writing. This approach will support your efforts to engage with your potential clients and customers in ways that canned “go to” content never can. 

Forge Ahead with Authentic Content

In the age of information, authenticity is the beacon that guides users to your digital doorstep. Don’t let canned content push you from hero to zero. Brew City Marketing is here to steer your content strategy towards success. Reach out to discover how we can amplify your online presence, or dive deeper into the world of SEO with our insights on other relevant topics. Your digital journey deserves the finest – partner with us and ensure your content resonates, captivates, and converts.

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