On the tail-end of wrapping up our web redesign services for Futura Language Professionals, we’re reminded (once again!) how important it is to keep up with the ever-increasing needs and expectations of our clients. With this web design project, we’ve helped this multi-state language school franchise better meet the needs of its students, franchise owners, teachers and more by integrating modern usability technology that today’s consumers expect.

Futura’s new website doesn’t just integrate a vibrant, new look, it also integrates modern, must-have functionality like online registration options and a secure login area for teachers. These functions make it easier for all of their stakeholders to use the new website and see what Futura has to offer.

See how solid web design services can completely redefine how customers can interact with your business at the Futura website, and see how we accomplished the following, and more:

  • Website design/redesign
  • Integrated region-specific online registration
  • Password-protected teacher log in
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  • Leveraging AI in Digital Marketing